Who is Vernon Koekemoer? (19 photos)

a vernon koekemoer 82 Who is Vernon Koekemoer? (19 photos)
Vernon Koekemoer is the Chuck Norris of South Africa. His stardom occurred when someone stumbled upon the lead photo of this post (minus the words and arrow) and sent it circulating around the internet. A Facebook group, “Make Vernon Koekomoer famous,” was created that urged people to make him famous by photoshopping his image into “exotic places, historical moments, and general moments of awesomeness.” Enjoy…

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  • rishidoo

    Im from SA and vernon is a Legend!! Plus his really a nice guy and a all round sweetheart!

  • diana

    He’s like a buff Richard Simmons.

  • k40

    is it really necessary to wear the same thing EVERY TIME though??

    • Gustavo

      Just like a cartoon character. I think is funnier.

      • Gustavo

        It's funnier…

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  • kkndie

    lol nice wardrobe, but i think its really a nice guy to hang out with

  • http://m1g2n3.wordpress.com m1g2n3

    I have actually met this peculiar and rather muscular man, and of course I was kind enough to speak to him in his mother-tongue. I found him quite gentlemanly and friendly. His wardrobe leaves something to be desired however. lol.

  • Sam

    Vernon – the picture of Afrikaans lol

  • P-90

    ‘Cock-mower’ what?

  • eedgan

    Koekemoer is pronounced: cook-er-moo-rrr

  • R@sTech

    I know Vern .. cool guy.

  • Pew

    Actually its cook – a – moorr

    • Anonymous

      cook – a – moo – r

      moo = the sound a cow makes

      r = roll the R

      He is from my hometown in South Africa ;o

  • Anonymous

    I think Vernon Koekmoer is a cool guy, eh south african and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  • Ettienne

    Chive on SA!!!!

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