Immediately regret this tattoo (8 photos)


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  • Brandon

    First one looks like something I would’ve had on a long-sleeve t-shirt growing up in the early nineties…

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  • LOL

    I can only hope that these people won’t breed.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh, to have your vices paid for by the state…..

  • jeff in Australia

    Yet more 456 ers

  • MichaelGS

    he had to have Mr.Cool Ice because just Mr.Cool or Mr.Ice wouldnt portray quite how cool and ice-like this individual is

  • April

    Isnt the leopard print guy the mascot for the TXRD Hellcats?

  • jim

    these people should kill themselves… except for the chick with the lvl up chest piece. i like.

  • John doe

    they forced that guy to be the checkers board in jail and played it on his face

  • jstave

    cool ice is so redundant

  • jun

    mr cool ice has to be from a non english speaking country
    its like how japanese view americans with lame jap word tattoos

  • Cherry:))

    Omg!! That lady is craaaaaaazyy

  • Redeye

    The Mario Brothers tattoo looks like it's covering up a pretty nasty looking scar.

  • KYLE

    I've said it before, I say it now & I'll say it in the future, tattoos are just retarded.

  • Mask

    Tattoo's aren't retarded. Just some of the people who get them!

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