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  • Brandon

    Lefties FTW!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Well they got the future Italian right.
    My 9 yr old is a lefty, and I have been shocked by the brilliance of her teachers and other moms. ‘Hey, you’re left-handed!’ Oh, really? ‘Are you left-handed?’ No, I just pretend so people will ask. ‘most geniuses are left-handed’. So, I’m assuming you’re right-handed.

  • Laura

    Oh man that left handed chart is all too true. I also find it funny how long it takes people to notice that I am left handed.

    Two other things people tend to say to me:
    1. Lefties tend to have a shorter life span than righties.
    2. Something along the lines of “hurr durr, that means you smudge your writing really easily!”

    • MichaelGS

      you should say it only smudges when you write with the blood of the unbelievers and offer to try with their blood, works for me everytime

  • Sreevidhya

    Dear Lulu,I am no expert but with a lot of life’s loessn, my personal opinion is that at some point, be it your mother, a best friend, or a spouse, you have to do what is best for you. I do not believe anyone has to stay in an abusive relationship, even if it is with a mother. What I would like to share is that I have learned there are several ways to end a relationship. One is in anger which is of course because you are hurt, and you then just cut them off. This doesn’t leave you feeling peaceful when you sleep at night. However, if you can, in a quiet moment of your own, wish her well with this small prayer/mantra/whatever you want to call it. Imagine your mother in your heart, with her own pains and sufferings, say (in your own heart), I release you mom to your own path. I wish you peace and love. And then let her go. Depending on your faith you may say (as I do), I release you (___) to God. I wish you peace and love. Sometimes I say it 10 times in a row, softly and genuinely. And I let go of course it’s easy to pick back up so I may do it again the next week, but the point is, you do NOT have to take abuse from anyone. Just wish them peace in their own life, on their on journey, and disconnect however you feel you need to. You don’t have to give them so much space in your head, if you let go peacefully. Sometimes I do not understand why people act the way they do, I can only assume it is because of their own pain and fears in their life which is sad. And so, sometimes you just have to step back, or away. But it doesn’t have to be in hate or anger, it can be in peace.Just a thought, and sharing something I have learned and find to be helpful.~I wish YOU peace and love.

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