Just a few thousand calories, no BIGGIE (17 photos)

Click HERE to see tiny food!

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  • mmm

    the martha pic turns me on.

  • Regina

    Delicious……..hmm..THERE IS ALWAYS A GYM!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I got cellulite just from looking at this.

  • Joey

    I hope them starving kids in africa dont have the internet..not enough food you say??

  • top dog

    I’ll poke Martha Stewart, um hum, I sure would! She got that “I like long things” look on her face.

  • robin yates

    is it any wonder the west has so many obese people ?

  • LOL

    Makes me nauseous just looking at all this stuff. Yech.

  • nickbulamdm

    7 is from turkey ı think

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