Afternoon eye candy: Joaquin Phoenix (19 photos)

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  • Brandilion


  • Verona

    Oh.My.God. He is beautiful

  • Mad

    Gorgeous, hes got a certain tortured air about him. I think he even rocked his “bearded, sunglasses Jim Morrison-esque crazy” look.

    Seems like a really interesting person to boot.

    • L

      Agreed, he will always be one of my all time favourites – no matter how crazy he may appear to be!

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  • Jenny

    phew. needed an extra breath after that one.

  • sarah

    Its a tough job being sexy and successful, too bad he felt he needed to take a break from being knee deep in women to pursue a rapping career. Cause who needs fame and fortune when you can grow a beard and act like the crazy homeless guy who hangs out down the street from my house. Get a home you homeless person. Joke. I feel really bad for that guy. But Joaquin I do not feel sorry for. He should shave so I can get back to oogling him.

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