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  • boneman

    OK…multiple answers day!
    #1 is that a mirror? What a great photo (a painting? what a great painting!)
    #2 Love pill
    #3 How to make the love pill
    #4 Only if it’s REAL NEWS! Dang! You’de think they’de learn…(good grafitti, though)
    #5 Is that my neoghbor’s dog? How many times I ‘rescued’ him because he would tug his entire chain off and go wander around the neighborhood. (I got so many cookies for doing that, too!)
    #6 Helping each other IS the right way to do things! HA! Funny lil beggars!
    #7 THe optomist in me says we can get back to this…the pessimist says, it’s too late, mankind has already ruined it past repair. I want the picture back, again!
    #8 Apple? Loved the music, am confused by the computer contraption…
    #9 FRACTALS! How scientists play!
    #10…what the? California line? icing?
    cookie floating on chocolate with whipped cream?
    #11, way cool photography
    #12 is that so bad? I google myself a lot. Just looking to see what I’m up to. (six foot, four and three quarters inches…)
    #13 dang! Funny lil plates, but, not much chow there.
    #14 what I look like when not much chow arrives at my table and it costs way too much. Oh well, maybe i SHOULD lose a lil weight, eh?
    #15 Sign of the times! Posted this on my blog (yeah, with the watermark! You guys need adverts, too!)
    #16 I dunno what he’s smiling at, but, I have a pair of goggles like that (mirrors) and wear them on Halloween. (do you suppose he GOGGLES himself?)
    #17 Medical grafitti! HA! Maybe that’s why the guy is smiling?
    #18 Dang! Now THAT photobomber is DEFINITELY medical grafitti-ing!
    #19 Yup! That’s what I mean. Maybe I better just shut up and eat the little plate of chow, eh? Else all the pretty girls run away like fish from a shark? HA!
    #20…oh. THIS is why the ‘photobomb’ face. Her shoes bit her!
    nothing like a grin and a giggle for Thursday morning!
    And my girlfriend says today’s the day to buy the winning lottery ticket, so, sayonara!

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