A whole lotta NOT ANY THOUGHT went into this (24 photos)

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  • HellHathNoFury

    I am not going to stop and smell the roses.

  • boneman

    y’know, I’ve seen the guys in the zebra outfit before, but there was only one lion.
    Their situation is not improving much over time…
    And, strangely, someone photo shopped the guy’s boards out from under the truck.
    Not that more boards made it a WHOLE lot safer…only, maybe there were enough boards before that, had they fallen or the vehicle jarred (it’s on the street) they would have taken the brunt of the weight of the car….
    Then again…that might be Adam Hilliker under there, so, don’t bother him with details….

  • http://ynot60.com Tony

    All I have to say about that last photo is STOP FOLLOWING MY WIFE AROUND WITH A CAMERA!!!!

  • Horong

    I have to say the second-last was cool beyond words.

  • rlen

    funny stuff. I thought detention letter should have highlighted the “he was right …but that’s beside the point”

  • The Voice of Reason

    The guy on the board way up in the air: It's how they used to build buildings, and was commonplace. Look up "Steel Monkey". One hint as to the photo's age is the skyline behind, with next to no tall buildings; they don't not use harnesses anymore. Back in the day, though, they didn't; so they used a lot of Native American workers. Apparently they had better balance than the white guys, and weren't afraid of heights, so they fell less often. But these days they do use harnesses.

    The messed up "urinal" is actually brilliant. Look at it. It's a different design from the other one; it's roughly at chest height; and it has two handy handles. What do you want to bet this is in a bar? Come on, guys. It's obviously meant to barf into. Think about it: no kneeling on bar's bathroom floors! Brilliant.

    And that "No Parking" sign was obviously there BEFORE the lava.

    A lot of these are definitely pics of people who needed to take a moment to stop and think (you're gonna hold your torch between your knees, pointed back towards the rubber fuel line? Really?); but a lot of them really shouldn't be here at all.

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