• HellHathNoFury

    Ingenious! My guy can pull a cork out by winding it against his forearm, and also pop a beer cap off by twisting it on his forearm. I just get bruises when I try.

  • Mad

    Ive done this before, works very well camping… who thinks to bring a corkscrew? I used a towel, never thought of using my shoe.

    • Mook

      Gee I dunno, bringing wine, corkscrew? SCREW THE CORKSCREW! I’d rather beat my expensive wine against a tree or building and see if I can break it and lose everything than bring a $2 corkscrew.

      Corkscrews are for retards FTW! 2010!

  • TomorrowByStorm

    Easier way, Push the Cork into the bottle. Just be sure you’re gonna drink the whole thing first, there is no getting that sucker out

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  • jose

    This is how we, french, do.

  • Night

    Only in France. Stupid.

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