For the love of God, put your knitting needles DOWN!!! NOW!

  • Verona

    wow! That is all

  • bubble_rider86

    seasome street rejects….sad to see

  • digitsis

    I thought these were kinda funny but as I scrolled down they just got creepier and creepier. ugh

  • taketori

    Isn’t this a fetish? I remember this from a class I took a while back on abnormal psychology

  • Mask

    awww #13 looks like sulley from monsters inc! minus the purple dots of course!

  • Phillip

    I'm a Mohair fetishist, ….it must have started as a small child, when my mother dressed me in wool clothes, but that was the mid Fifties, and all children had woollen clothes in winter !!
    I hated the feel of them, but as I reached puberty, suddenly that hatred turned to a sort of desire !! … I didn't know why, but I was attracted to mohair clothes which were very popular then, my mother had a mohair scarf, and I used to fondle and wear it when I was alone in the house, It really aroused me, suddenly I liked the soft but slighly itchy feel of it…. It was sort of cosy and comforting ! but I couldn't let my mother know, cos for years she knew that I didn't like it, so she would think that I was becoming weird !
    Well, I hid this love of mohair from everyone , cos I thought i was probably the only person who had this sexual desire for it !….. until the internet arrived, and then discovered that there are thousands like me, mostly men, but also some women ,who have had the same desire from a young age !! .. alot of them are from my generation, but there are also some younger ones !! … There are quite a few forums. where we can all discuss our passions for wool etc.
    So all of a sudden I felt free from weirdness, and had the confidence to wear Mohair in public, and was quite surprised that no one really noticed me….. and I do get occasional comments from women ,which is quite a turn on !! …but I dont wear anything too outlandish,.. A nice Polo neck sweater, Scarf, gloves/ mittens, and not only am I super warm and cosy, but also feel sexy …
    It has become very popular on ebay, if you look for mohair sweaters, there are lots and lots of knitters specialising in them , and apart from the realy femine ones, most are classed as Unisex …. But they are expensive, as Mohair is a luxury fibre !
    And it does have advantages in the bedroom, as when my girlfriend is feeling randy and I'm not…. then she knows that if she puts on a Mohair sweater or scarf, then I will not be able to resist her demands !! Ha Ha ! …
    Well I hope that my explanation for this fetish has helped some of you understand that we aren't weird, It stems from our childhood, that we had no control over !
    It is also a very practical fetish, as we all stay nice and warm in winter ! :-)
    I dont think anyone in the above pics wear their outfits in Public, cos then people would think "Weirdo"
    They have probably got to the level that, just a sweater etc. isn't enough to satisfy their fluffy desires !
    Keep warm all of you this winter….. maybe try a Fluffy Sweater…… Mohair is back in Fashion again for the 4th year !!!
    Phillip x

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