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  • Brandon

    #9 is fucking hilarious. #12 is fucking terrifying.

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  • Liz

    Do these people realize how clueless they are? I mean really? They’re the only orange ones in the room? And #8 – WTF is WRONG with you?!?

  • LOL

    The shoes in 7…awesome! I want to at least have them to look at…maybe not wear…at least standing up. 😀

    Orange people need to be peeled.😉

  • mai

    oh for the love of god just go sit outside and tan

  • HellHathNoFury

    i was guilty of orange face last week, when i put on my summer makeup instead of my winter shade. When the shame subsides, I’ll be sending a pic in.

  • Mook


  • digistsis

    Freaky freaky freaky!

  • soultnuts@hotmail.com

    Vanity rulz!!

  • soultnuts@hotmail.com

    Number 4….they got the dog too!!!

  • Jenny

    Ok, #4 looks like Al Jolson blackface from the 20’s… If any of you kids know what that is, if not google “Al Jolson blackface” and laugh.

  • Nick

    LoL Guy on the right on 3 is same as the guy in the middle on 12…only more orange

  • magentapyramid

    The girl in #11 looks like she was just unearthed.

    • mollified

      Right?!? What is going on with that one? Is she sick? Is it makeup over a bad tan? Why is she green?! She looks like she just got done with a theatre role playing the bad witch in Wizard of Oz.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000498406848 bryainiac

    the girl in number 10 looks normal…………and attractive

  • Sweet Nothings

    #11 almost made me projectile vomit onto my roommate.

  • Easy

    The male and female guidos of the world.

  • parisii

    how can people really think this looks GOOD!?!?!?

  • scheppel

    getting sunburned doesn’t sound like too much fun

  • lol2

    Some of those people look like they took a piece of Sh@t and rubbed themselves with it!

  • Lori

    The fact that people do this and then pose like it looks great is just appalling.

  • marcos CRC

    OMG!!!!!! #8 is just the biggest douche i´ve ever seen in my life…. isn´t he ashamed at all???

  • Briana

    Number 14 never ceases to make me sad, then I go back up to number 9 and laugh at the sad faces, I would be sad too though.

  • Natasha

    number 14 is a girl who has a real life skin condition that causes her skin to darken like that as she ages. But the others who use that shitty orange crap, just look completely stupid, and need to realize that its making them look extremely unattractive

    • Mollified

      Does it make her hair get whiter too? I think I've heard of that.

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