• cookiemonster

    love the patterns and some of the dresses, not a big fan of fur coats though just my opinion

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  • Laura

    I like his models! They look much more natural, not encrusted with makeup. Still skinny, but at least their eyes aren’t sunken in like a lot of models nowadays, that always freaks me out. I like the clothes too. Lots of times in fashion shows the clothes are epic, but they are more like works of art than anything really practical. I could see myself wearing many of these.

  • Anonymous

    I am in love with some of those shoes and silhouettes!!!!

  • Ashley

    Would wear 4 and 19 in a heartbeat. Gorgeous.

  • http://www.topfashionshades.net/celebrity-sunglasses-styles/ Janice Wilson

    Hopefully this year, Marc Jacobs will launch new fashion designs.

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