• Laura

    17 = SO FULL OF WIN

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Faskmen.com%2Fvideo%2Fentertainment%2F693-how-to-get-your-roomate-to-leave-so-you-can-have-sex.html&t=How%20To%20Get%20Your%20Roommate%20To%20Leave eeeeyan

    cool pix:-)

  • blah

    this is fail. not funny.,

    • jessica


      • jocelynn

        true i agree

        • aaaa


          • a.w waz hea

            yea i agree toooo!!!!!!!! lol

    • Archangel ni Angel

      agree..big fail

    • katie

      ya but did you get the bedroom with the sofas in front of it?? took me a bit to get it but lolz!

  • woozle wazzle

    i dont get it

    • chellyd

      me either…

  • http://warworldi.wordpress.com 4ankurc

    nice photography what else i can say

  • MissyDee


    • Cassara

      Furrealz? That’s marlveoulsy good to know.

  • stikman

    i’m sure theres nothing wrong with 21

    • Alex

      dude i bet u u cant do that, there is something wrong with that…

      • SIG

        that's normal and you CAN do that

        • Some1

          you can do that but she still has alien hands. If u think that finger length is normal you might want to check yourself in the mirror for deformations.

      • Rob

        her hands aren't what they appear…it looks like her hands are on the wrong arms, but it's just her left arm turning her hand "upside-down"

  • Anonymous

    id say the funniest one is the guy coming out of the water lmao


    yap i agree , he is the funniest!

  • Peace

    these rly werent tht funny!:(

  • Anon

    The guy coming out of the water is Hugh Jackman…and there’s nothing wrong with 21

  • Anonymous

    i don’t understand what this post is even about? What does “morning coffee” mean? It’s a bunch of random photos that have no relation to eachother whatsoever. None of them are all that funny or amusing either. STOP POSTING RANDOM BULLSHIT JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT…

    • Nicole

      VERY well put. Thank you for having a brain.:)

  • F-oo

    Hah! # 12.. those girls are wearing all white and they’re gonna get sand stains.. Oh look, photobomb!

  • http://2010calibaja.wordpress.com 2010calibaja

    Really funny pics here!

  • http://showbiz99.com/ justin bieber

    lol very funny pics

  • Carlotta

    Look really Close at pic 10 (DOOR)

  • Morgan

    Okay i dont get half of those! like there was maybe 3 photos were i cracked a smile but not all that funny. Over half of those were completly NORMAL!

  • http://whoisthecutest.com/ anonymous

    some of these arent even funny..1-9,11,15,18,&20 i cant even see anything funny..and 10,13,16,&19 just arent funny at all..and 14 ive seen before..so that leaves 12,17,&21. but 12 is just funny because of the circumstances and 17 is just funny because its a bad (quality) picture itself. and 21 isnt really "funny" but its just weird. so well done, u just wasted my time.😛

  • Archangel

    i know what is funny here.. it's the author..

  • sara

    What a load of random crap this is.

  • rayray

    the last one is just her hsand turned the other way…

  • Shitload

    Look at picture 18,10,9,8 and 3 and tell me whats funny :S… NOTHING! just a big load of crap realy.

  • Anonymous

    Picture 21's hands aren't real, and look really distorted and cartoon-like, thats what's funny!:D

  • Michael

    #21 has 5 fingers on each hand, that is normal right?
    Left hand on top of right with arm twisted….see nothing hilarious.

  • http://showbiz99.in Sajjad Ali

    Amazing pictures they look so great all of them

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