Three words: White Castle Wedding (23 photos)


a white castle wedding 22 Three words: White Castle Wedding (23 photos)

Shannon and Kevin Mendez entered a B96 contest with other Chicago couples to win a “Wedding in a Week.” They won a wedding no one will ever forget. It was at a White Castle…

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  • Anonymous

    Eww. just eww.

  • ssss9999

    Yes. Ewwww!

  • Equalizer

    She’s taller than him. Ewww

  • comedylandfill

    NO! Absolutely not. White Castle should have refused.

  • Brandon

    Even tackier than the McDonald’s weddings

  • jeff in Australia

    He is either rich, doubt it, or he can lick his eyebrows.

  • Sweet Nothings

    Dude must have hidden talents, because he is u-g-l-y…

  • Mook

    Ok. That guy has gay written all over him.

  • Anonymous

    awesome white trahs wedding

  • g-licious

    what is up behind all this?

  • offcamber

    imagine having fries and onion rings at your wedding. Did they wear those t-shirts on their honeymoon….

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