Now that’s just disgusting (20 photos)


Click HERE (if your stomach can handle it!)

  • Dezire

    Oh my God. Eww

  • rocklesson86

    2 and 4 are the only ones that are not gross.

  • Anonymous

    Really,it disgusting.can’t withstand it

  • Puddin

    A whole lotta mafugly, that's what this is!

  • Puddin

    #17 = evil.

  • Minty

    #5 no one is weirded out by this but me?!? Why!!! What happened to those fingers seriously?

  • anonymous

    yes, let's poke fun at people that are socially labeled "as different" because we get entertainment from it, regardless if they are this way because of a health or genetic condition (#3,5,9,12), or if they think that the way they present themselves is beautiful. with so little love in the world, let's continue to put them down.

  • Amanda

    There's nothing gross about bats and especially not that one! Bats have a huge impact on your lives whether you realize it or not. They keep big populations down, pollinate plants and fertilize other ones. If it weren't for bats we'd have all have scurvy and be covered head to toe in big bites.

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