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  • Anonymous

    AHHHHHH!!! kill it! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • Anonymous


  • Poker


  • Sarah

    I think they’re beautiful. Can’t quite figure out why. lol.

  • sbken

    Strangely exotic…..

  • jeff in Australia

    They have all been shopped, I can tell by the…. oh never mind..

  • Slakker

    Eyeball implants FTW!! I hope this becomes the new cosmetic surgery fad!

    (yes I know they’re fake, soo hot though)

    <–Plays too much Flyff

  • Kioshiro12

    8th is Ayumi Hamsaki ! …

  • brendasays

    this is sooooo fucking scary and creepy DDDD;

  • meme

    the all look like BJD Ball-jointed Dolls! Cuteeeee!

  • michelle

    Why didn’t they put lady gaga on there??

  • Ana

    That Hamasaki freak looks like that anyway.

  • anonymous-x

    These are pictures of alien children.

  • GrammaB

    Only one I recognized was #3 = Tom Cruise.

  • RadicalHonestyCult

    Anyone read uglies?

  • yume_girl

    #1 Very cute!

  • Kroe

    Dude, it's anime irl!

  • Daisy

    Scary. My stomach turned in knots at #2 and I had to scroll quickly through the rest. Maybe it reminds me of some bad childhood movie?

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