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  • megrez

    freakin love this

  • Regina

    now THATS drugs kids…

  • Equalizer

    Pic 9 has one of the greatest job in the world. WTF is pic 17?…

    • Brandon

      Kiddie casket?

  • bubble_rider86

    hahahahahah…..wait for it……….ahahahahaha…….funny nonsensical gibberish…..loverly way to brighten my day SheChive….=D

  • HellHathNoFury

    #15-I thought my daughter was wierd, and you confirmed it. She also sits in a tub just like that with a pillow under her butt. I don’t know why, but sometimes i have to threaten her with the lid to get her out of it. Her friends do it, too. They’re 9. It’s strange.

    • mle

      I used to do that all the time when I was a kid. It's sooo comfortable, but now i'm too big.

      OR, I could find a bigger tub…

  • P-90

    Is that Jackie Chan???? Anyway Jack Russels FTW.

    • km

      Looks like Wackie Chan

  • jeff in Australia

    Can anyone explain the abnormality in pic #2 ?. Please excuse my thickness…
    I want that tank in pic# 6… hold the guy.. can I have fish instead…?

    • ingbjert

      He’s apparently brought his home computer to the local diner, nothing out of the ordinary there. Now let’s talk about the freakiness of pic # 13!

  • Anonymous


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  • Kelsow Farlander

    When did people start saying 'normalcy'? Normality……………..Normality.

  • Lauriene

    Jen! Thanks so much for sharing so we can all pray and cry with you. Losing hair is haredr than you think it would be. I have an auto immune disease ( my skin) that also effects my hair. 12 years ago it fell out in huge amounts leaving huge bald spots all over my head! which at the time I was told would never grow back, so I chopped my very long hair, cried, and decided to make a wig with my hair (still have it). I really struggled through this time, was told by a friend that I would never find a husband bald, well, still with bald spots, I met Chris who loved me anyway and it grew back, darker and thicker than before Thanks to a Dr. willing to experiment a little with my head. His hair is beautiful but so is he and hats are AWESOME these days!! My heart goes out to little Carter, feeling not normal is SO very hard! Having people stare is SO hard, something I truly understand! Keep some if it so you can all remember! I will pray for him and you! Maybe a Hat party is in order . I love you guys so much!

  • Applefish

    #13 is that a Bear convention?

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