• http://www.teeznation.com/3178/afternoon-eye-candy-gerard-butler-20-photos Afternoon eye candy: Gerard Butler (20 photos) - Funny Pics

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  • skeyser

    OMG – thank you… so very much…. drooling now…

  • Sassy

    Phew! That man is yummy!!!

  • ummm_wow

    MmMmMmMm…. Delicious!

  • Rosie

    He’s so hot!!!

  • Drusilla

    I can’t stop looking at this. It has made my Friday morning over here in Australia. I’m going to see the bounty hunter tonight, I may need a bib for the drool.

  • amanda

    not a fan. I don’t see the appeal.

  • Jen

    (licking my lips)

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    […] Afternoon, all. Drizzling wet stuff here. Just as well I'm committing aviation shortly Proud moment a wee while ago: I figured out how to scan summat onto the computer AND then attach the scanned items into an email. How technically abled am I? I want Gerard to do my massage at the SPA tomorrow evening. Someone tell him to get a move on please. I've done enough technical things today, so here's a link, as I CBA to figure out how to post a picture directly: Gerard Butler Photo Gallery : theBERRY […]

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