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  • Rusty

    15- Not gasoline. Looks like hydraulic fluid. You could put a cigarette out in it with no problem. Hell, you could probably put a cutting torch out with it, no problem. I'm not planning on trying it, though …

    • ian

      you can put cigarets out in gasoline, I’ve done it many times. In fact, I have not once been able to ignite gasoline with a cigarette.

      • Rick

        Must be you in the picture. FUMES, you idiot! It is the fumes that explode. Please, don't ave kids.

    • Danby

      It looks like diesel actually which is next to impossible to light up. If you throw it on a fire it would put the fire out, unless it was VERY hot. Diesel engines work off compression. The crunch the fuel down so much that the pressure and heat ignite it. Thats why diesel engines dont have spark plugs. They don’t need them.

  • Matt

    #18 should be on Jay Leno’s Headlines skit.

  • Cheet

    “Do you smoke? Only when set on fire” That was epic.

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  • Megan

    #6 i would hire that guy on the spot!

  • d1gitalpunk

    #12 #13

    these are the two stupidest things ive ever seen in my life

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