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  • jeff in Australia

    Just finished chastising your sibling, for doing exactly what you are doing here..
    This is your page, face book has more than enough of it’s own.
    Your loyal and discriminating fans want to come her and see your wonderful contribution to world happiness.
    We do not want to go somewhere else to see your work and having your shine taken by faceless face book
    Unless there is a monetary gain in it for you…
    Stop it.
    And now that my blood pressure is up… bring back the ” notify me of new comments ”
    facility that you had previously.
    It’s irritating to have to come back to the same page to see if my tongue in cheek has had a reaction, unless there is a monetary reason not to have it.
    You are doing good here, hope my suggestions ( demands..! ) will make it even better..
    Big hugs from Australia, well, not all of Australia obviously … just me in it.

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