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  • Brandon

    #13 – Meanwhile in New Jersey…

  • megan

    poor horse! how’d that happen?!

  • Digitsis
  • jeff in Australia

    If that “person” in 2 had been in some sort of accident and her body was that disfigured, they would sue,and win $thousands…
    It does not look good.. go topless if you want people to point/look at you and laugh..

    • MichaelGS

      she’s actually got the guiness world record for most tattooed pensioner. she was on russell howards good news… they showed the good looking ones in that pic which is quite scary

  • Diane

    Ive been on the same place from n*13 i promece u, my skyn was nice after that bath but i will never go back there, the smell made me vomit, but its funny, it hapens only on carnaval. Natal in Brasil over 2000 people there.I recomend u will never experiment enything like that.

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