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  • Equalizer

    I don’t think the Dog is Happy.

    • jeff in Australia

      He is happy… you can tell by the steel muzzle. He has to wear it because otherwise he would rip of the face of the skydiver in pure joy.
      From the uniform and aircraft, think they are military..
      Devil’s advocate typing.. do dogs have a fear of heights..?
      Think they trust their masters(?) enough to go/do anything.
      Hence the surfer, skateboarding, hanging out of the back of a truck, etc, type dogs..
      Think we are the only one’s with imagination…

  • Rosie

    Geez thats a bit cruel, the poor dog would of been so scared! No big deal? you’re an idiot!

  • skydiver

    i know of more than one dog that has loved skydiving again and agian with their owners. go listen to skydive radio podcast episode where they talk about a dog that has don dozens if not hundreds of skydives.

  • David

    This is bullshit animal can't tell you if they want to jump or not this is just not right and stupid!

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