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  • Yog

    It is a good tattoo and cute, not sure what is odd about it. It is early though so maybe I missed how it is more than ink.

    • Brandon

      if you look closely (or read the title), the tattoo is raised. Not sure how, but it’s kinda cool.

      • Bob

        It’s raised by jabbing a needle into the skin thousands of times. It just not healed yet. It will just be a normal tattoo in a few days.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Haha, Bob wins. Cool tattoo, though.

  • Yog

    @ Brandon, Bob’s right, that tattoo is perfectly normal. It is fresh so of course it is raised. They didn’t add anything to make it raised (at least not that I can see from the pictures). All my tattoos (and I am considered heavily tattooed even at tattoo conventions) start out raised. It is the same effect as a and abrasion, cut, or scratch. I was hoping that someone would point out what was special, and unless there is something that is not visible in the pictures, being raised isn’t special.

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