• hmm

    paris hilton and miley cyrus will never look good no matter with whom theay are mixed.

    • Anonymous

      Whenever I’m unfortunate enough to hear Miley Cirus talk I want to off myself. Ugh!! It feels like my head will explode. Which doesn’t make sense because her career is all about her voice…I guess I’m weird.

      • yan

        Not weird, you're just a jealous bitch of MC 's successful career compared to your meaningless life

        HA HA HA

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  • Anonymous

    The Ashlee Simpson and Paris Hilton spawns’ nose would be about 3 times larger.

  • that guy

    the Cameron Diaz/Jessica Alba hybrid is HOT.

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  • xzoeyx

    I thought the Ashlee Simpson and Paris Hitlon one kind of looks like Barbie :S

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  • JessicaL

    A lot of those Hybrids are HOT! Actually almost all of them.

  • happybee42

    why would you want to merge either Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom with anyone, they’re both so pretty!

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  • testington

    John Travolta + Johnny Depp = Jake Gyllenhaal LOL

    the Kate and Keira combo is gorgeous

  • MikeK

    Brooke Spears and Natalie Duff are hot!

  • that1chick

    Megan Fox didn't start out looking like that anyway, wouldn't the hybrid have her old features?

  • micha


    Natalie Portman + Hilary Duff = Natlary Duffman – she is kinda cute!😀

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