• HellHathNoFury

    Are the rocks in #11 thunder eggs or what? What a strange setting. The stairway in 12 is very pretty. I love the Newfoundland! 19 reminds me of Candy Land. What’s up in 14? Not a rainbow, the sun shining at a strange angle on the moisture in the air? Hm.
    7 is the most awesome commute ever besides the little Colombian kids.

  • digitsis

    The bacon roses are pretty good. Love the little fish made out of cutlery

  • jeff in Australia

    You’ve done it yet again… Good stuff, thank you..
    Really like your new bubbles and thank you for the back again of the notify me button..
    Asked over at your brother’s place…..I’ll ask here too, what’s the fascination with bacon….?

    • MichaelGS

      you know jeff, you ask all the questions i want to ask. think its all us southern hemisphere people just arent in the loop. the bacon question is a prime example. now if only you guys didnt beat us at all sports that would be great, kthx.

      • jeff in Australia

        My, and probably your, life is so influenced by them over there (here) and I want to know why.
        Seems from the responses I don’t get, A. they don’t care, B. they don’t know, C. we are not one of them so we do not really exist.. There are a lot of good ones but….
        If I get one sensible answer to a question I feel lucky. Guess if I can make just one stop and think, it’s worthwhile.. Don’t you just love their idea of democracy and free speech.
        YOU DOUCHE, not, you are entitled to your opinion, but I disagree..
        I think a lot of them really do need to douche, because they certainly sound like they are full of it. Keep fighting the good fight, Jeff, trying to change the world, one question at a time..

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