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  • jeff in Australia

    No big deal… We all look like him here… Except my hair is darker, I have a beard, I’m taller,
    I don’t…. oh all right.. except me..

  • LOL

    The Mentalist is one of my favorite shows. And not because of the dramatic acting…yes…I admit it…it’s the eye candy. So sweet going down. :)

  • jeff in Australia

    REALLY…! This is getting too much…! First you have near naked men grinning sillilly at a camera.., now you let female (hopefully) commenter ^ referring to a desire to commit



    You wouldn't get males doing that sort of that thing…

    You really should be ashamed…!

    Emily.. Hope your head has stopped making that pounding noise… and that your stomach does not feel like it has a alien in it… Thanks, we are E'ing.. and no.. you can not hear bells of any type… Thanks a lot for doing that…..

    LOL.. ^ you have good "taste", he's an Australian, we are all sweet…

    • 1kissbee

      Have you ever heard of theChive? Yes you have it you are on theBerry. I mean have you seen the girls on that site? Yeah they are more nude then the guys on this site! I bet there are plenty of men who say their sexual desires about the women. Men do that sort of thing, so women have the right to gawk at guys as well.

  • kristy

    picture # 14 has a slight photo bombing effect.

  • Clarice

    Thank You!!! He is so HOT!

  • Ashley

    Oh my God. This man has one of THE best smiles on the planet. Be still my fluttering heart. Can you imagine if he flashed those pearly whites at you?

    And I agree about The Mentalist- I could watch that show on mute and it would be just as good if not better.

  • Monica Culqui

    He is going to be the leading male of my upcoming screenplay from my novel "The Power of Being…"
    He is gorgeous as gorgeous get @ Jeff if all men look like that in Australia I am moving next week

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