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  • mj

    how about some nudity like the men of the world get every ten seconds on the net and tv? I’m sick of seeing half naked women and fully clothed men!

    • jeff in Australia

      I agree, mj… I think the men on here have far too few clothing items on…
      That is what you are saying isn’t it..?
      Oh, just read your comment again..
      In fact, they both wear about the same, it’s just that……
      Breasts are nice to look at… What we have, not so much…
      Imagination is so much nicer than fact…

      • HellHathNoFury

        I’m not going to say a damn word about your line of work belying your statement.

        i never thought Giovanni Ribisi or Elijah Wood were hot until just now. thanks for the new obsession!

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’m not much for naked men, but I’ll agree with you. I like this site because it’s not as raunchy as thechive, but seeing chicks with thread covering them is routine, whereas the guys have to wear full body suits. No fair, yo.

  • rach

    ooh Jared what would i not do to you:)

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