• jeff in Australia

    Me too, I totally agree… they spoil nice cat pics…

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh come on, Jeff, I know a couple perfectly sweet guys that cats have allowed to live with them.
    Why would you do that to Shia Laboef? Yeah, #4, be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • jeff in Australia

      I was refering to the guys in these pics… Not the nice guys you know…
      WHAT DO YOU MEAN GUYS…! You meant GUY, surely..
      ( Skin turning green..)
      I did a gif of Tiger turning into a… Have to try and find it…

    • missus

      hey HHNF….I’ve noticed every time your little pic changes you look like 10 years older/younger!! For all I know you’re 40. Or possibly 17…hmmmmmm. Anyway your pic is cute you look pretty just noticing your age completely eludes me! Mysterious lady

      • HellHathNoFury

        Ha! That was taken yesterday. I’m 24. Thanks for the uplift. Being 5′ 0″, I’m often told to go back to class when visiting my daughter’s school. Or told to go to Minor ID at work. Might be nice when I’m older, but for now it’s irritating.

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  • Equalizer


  • Eric

    #5 Has pussy on his mind.

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  • J-La

    I know those kitties in number 11!!!!! oh… and the boy haha

  • Rosie

    I think it’s sweet that they love their kittens! Its not gay to be an animal lover!

  • minn

    guys with cats thats just wonderfull!!! That tells that he is gentle and can take care of something❤ U suck i you don get how hot some of them are like that number 6

  • Jen

    i went home with a guy once (yea, i know) that had a cat and he would make these weird noises "TREAT TREAT KITTY" and he was like 6'4". it was very strange. i love some masculine men that have big dogs. Thats cute/hot.

  • ava

    only psychos wouldn't like cats…and I wouldn't like someone who wasn't kind to cats…

  • snake

    #8 that's MGMT

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