• jeff in Australia

    I see no fail in a lot of these…

    #1 well she ain't that pretty.

    #2 how do you know that doesn't happen… they maybe very exciting caves…

    #4 that car fits perfectly in that little hole… great driving…

    #6 can't beat a good Borio. they are delicious..

    #10 no lies here.. unlike others that say the water comes from snow covered peaks, even here.

    #13 and you know they are not how…?

    #19 seems fair, it's usually the mothers money..

    And I am not going to even mention the female driving.. it's expected..


    • HellHathNoFury

      i had very similar thoughts. You know, great minds.

      • jeff

        Yes I do. Happy end of daylight savings day…!

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