• HellHathNoFury

    I’ll take all three. Warm, smooth, white, clean. Man, those sheets and pillows.

  • Julia

    Eye candy ? We absolutely need Robert Downey Jr.

  • Clarice

    oh hell yes

  • http://www.teeznation.com/4558/afternoon-eye-candy-you-choose-3-photos Afternoon eye candy: You choose (3 photos) - Funny Pics

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  • Wendy

    Very curious. Either way, I can’t object.

  • B.elle

    Anybody know the name of that guy?

  • mssugarkane

    oh god i hope they’re not gay

  • Tanya

    i shall have the both. and they shall be mine

  • Lizzie Patton


  • Leslie

    Ahh! I sent this! Awesome!!

    • Stacy

      No, I sent these pics in…

  • Leslie


  • HellHathNoFury

    Ladies, ladies. Don’t call names. It’s unattractive. But if you must, at least pull hair and wrestle. Prefereably wih bikinis on. In mud. and take a video. We must know who wins.

  • Kate

    Alexander please!!!

  • Beany

    I'll take a number on Eric… uh, Alexander right over here. Although I'm baffled why they'd have to photoshop his head on another dude's body. He's DEFINITELY got the body to pull off that shot. *Confused*

  • Beany

    Hey … Is the brunette Eric from season 1 of the Real World? Too many Erics… now I'm even more confused… and horny…



  • etiposs

    Has anyone noticed that the images are entirely the same except for their heads? This is a photoshop!

    • Sarah

      yup! that's the point- read the title.:)

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