Jennifer Love Hewitt can’t touch the Penazzle (6 photos)

a worlds first penazzle 5 Jennifer Love Hewitt cant touch the Penazzle (6 photos)
Recently Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that she got Vajazzled on The George Lopez Show. This sparked a craze that led to women across America to get their hoo haa’s bejeweled. This involves a full bikini wax followed by Swarovski crystal placement in a design of your choice. sent a field reporter, Bryce, to get Vajazzled and document this fascinating procedure for the first time.

My brothers over at thought, “Why should chicks have all the fun?” They put out a casting call for a guy to undergo the world’s first Penazzling experience. They found just the goofball guy to do it. They sent him (he has chosen to remain anonymous) to Completely Bare Spa in NYC for the Penazzling. Check out the photo documentation below. Do not try this at home! is giving away Vajazzles and/or Penazzles. Enter HERE for your chance to win!
For more information on the Vajazzling and Penazzling, check out
Completely Bare Spa
25 Bond Street
New York, NY 10014

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