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  • Yog

    #4, Cameron Diaz, her arms aren’t sinewy, just defined and look good. The rest, yeah those look nasty. Actually, Renee Zellweger in #5 looks fine too but she looks awful farther down.

    • ssss9999

      I agree. #4 looks goods, #5 looks OK. The rest are effing disgusting. Why do famous women think that that is attractive?

    • wild bill

      toned arms on a woman = sexy

      manly arms like these = nasty

  • top dog

    The things some women do to try and make themselves look good. I wonder, what would they do if somebody decides to be honest with them and tell them they don’t good at all? Just be natural, be yourself…If people don’t like you the way you are, to hell with them. You can look good without starving yourself to death.

    • pundit

      difference is these people get aid MILLIONS of dollars because people want them to look that way. Its to say to hell with “them” when youre not faced with that type of money

    • shaolin

      Cameron Diaz, looks fine, the rest look under-nourished. These women are never satisfied with their looks. they go from one extreme to the next trying to look good. They need to feel good about themselves inside first. fix the inside first.

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  • Robbo

    Someone needs to feed these women pie and lots of it, pronto

  • Brandon

    the Cameron Diaz pic is OK, but the rest are fucking disgusting

  • P-90

    Madonna looks disgusting.

  • Clarice

    Maybe a whole pizza to help with that. Veins sticking out on a chick is so not attractive.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is disgusting how can they let themselves get so fat!? these people need to go a a diet now!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Cameron’s arms are perfect. Just the right amount of fat covering her muscles. The others look very ‘Michaelangelo’- as if they’ve been flayed alive. it’s great to be in shape, it’s not great to have zero body fat for obsession.

  • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername


  • me

    love c diaz….rest just scary

  • Ano Nym

    CD is fine. the problem with women losing too much body fat is simple: they don’t have musles, so what stays is just bones and tendons.

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  • paul

    whoah,,,look at posh spice girl…damn…shed hit herself on the wall if i sneeze….

  • jaganmangat

    madonna is nice,she is now too older………

  • reaz

    its not because of the muscles its because of age and being too skinny

  • ffff

    soooo fake…

  • Commentator

    don't y'all think some of these pics have been "engineered" in some way?

  • who knows


  • Pukey Pukerson

    I just puked

  • dharya


  • Swami de Salami

    those vegans sure do look healthy!

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