• jeff in Australia

    Love the pirate cat…#2
    Excuse my male stupidity, but… #19, is…?

    • Yog

      #19 is the end of a twig. It is a really cool photo, actually.

  • nouu

    no it’s not…a cool photo.

  • Brandon

    Even cats hate the iPad and its users

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Would love to walk down #8, though with my luck, I’d be hit by a van.

    • Anonymous

      If I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any…!
      After reading a few of your funny, but negative, comments… I have come to the conclusion, maybe wrongly, that you are a bit like me, we don’t like ourselves much.. Stop it. From one who knows, this road leads nowhere, be who you are, just because you might not like you, if you give people a chance, or two, they might, a lot. If your personality comes across as being negative, people are going to see you that way, and as I’m sure you know, people, including you, don’t want to be with negatives…
      I have “met” someone not far away from these pages who has taught me, that I can be likable, I can have friends, something I had given up on long ago. I can see from your pic that you are attractive, I have read in your words that you have a brain. Young, immature males want to do what young immature males want to do, all the time, some of those might one day grow into decent human beings, others… well.. But…there are so many people looking for each other, outside your room.. They don’t care about the size of your breasts, or whether they try to escape from your clothing. Most, want to be with someone, to hold and love….
      If I am totally wrong in my reading, sorry. Absolutely no offense intended.
      Maybe anyone else who reads this might get something out of it…
      Wish I had read/thought it, a long time ago…
      And like getting drunk and ending up in a strange bed with a strange person, I think I might regret typing this in the morning…

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