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  • HellHathNoFury

    where are 4, 16 and 18? Just beautiful.

  • MissChris

    Can someone explain what’s up w/ 21? What am I missing…? lol
    Besides that, great gallery. Wanna travel to 16 w/ HHNF (lol) and sleep in 19.

    • Rashes

      it looks like a placeholder or a bookmark that can point to exactly where you stopped reading…and it looks like it might double as a bracelet!!

  • horncusker

    What is not awesome is that in that pool of wine, you know, absolutely KNOW, there is a fiend in that pool urinating. Drink up!

  • krämchen


    Holy crap x 20 billion I friggin love!!!!!!!

  • Suisei

    #2 you forgot to add tax😛

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