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  • Markkens

    Whaddya going to do, WALK from the ferry at the other end??? >BLONDE<

    • Melody

      Actually I bet that car is to drive when on the mainland. The car gets driven onto the ferry and driven off onto the mainland. Not that hard to figure out

      • Jake

        But melody, WHY THE FVCK IS IT THERE ANYWAY!?

        • Dr derpinheimer

          uh. you mean the building? There appears to be a lighthouse there. To warn boats about the island. It needs a worker

        • xv

          how can people be so bored?

      • dotrive

        not a ferry

      • Ben

        there is no dock for a ferry and the small boat there is a row boat

  • HellHathNoFury

    That's not at all what they meant by 'carpool'.

    The poor kid in 15 got so desperate for a bath that he tried using the toilet. Your bathtub=not storage area.

    • gooleso

      This is a fake pool . I have seen the same pool in Japan.

  • kjellupa

    #18 is going to be the next candidate for a full face transplant

    • MNRA

      Actually no, it's a pretty common trick to stack big, heavy, mean looking things on someone and then slam him/her with a sledgehammer.

      The REAL trick would be to do it without all that extra protection. Now THAT would warrant a full face transplant.

  • top dog

    some of this is quite normal for some of the people I know. It got so normal

    I stopped worring about them. Stacking ladders, yeah, real smart.

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  • bobbity bob

    19 is an obvious shoop.

    • carli

      it could be because when they get their ferry there to land they have to drive to their mansion

  • lapetitemorte.

    19 isn't real, the ferry is too small

  • charl33z

    it's not a ferry

  • Electric Eskimo

    19 is so obviously fake… You can tell that it isn't an island for a start. Terrible job, I hope they don't get paid work as a photoshopper.

  • "0_o"

    #8. worst. parking job. ever.

  • Anonymous

    for #19 why a road ?its a fake,jokes on u

  • LawrenceG

    #19 is not fake, and its not a ferry..just a regulair boat. It's a tidal island, when the tide goes down agin there will be a road back to the main land…hence the car.

    • Zog

      I would agree with you … if it wasn't such an obvious fake.

  • Anonymous

    19…fake or not its fucking funny

  • Anonymous

    If thats where you live are you going to leave your car at airport paarking?

  • This Guy

    That's what happens when you give an Asians a brick and a camera….

  • Anonymous

    This is a crap list of 'fails' a lot of them are actually Epic Win

  • Mattie

    Not so foolish. . . . Its to move supplies from the boat to the lighthouse. In bad weather, its probably invaluable

  • lucas

    repeat: eu sou tonto

  • http://2010calibaja.wordpress.com 2010calibaja

    The last photo is oustanding!!! Not green enough for me your green architect

  • julian

    this is crazyyyyyyy

  • Joe Papierz Jr

    Maybe the cars owner did'nt want to leave his or her car on the dock where it might be vandalized or stolen.

  • Juan

    19 is amazing, not only is the guy a moron for having a car, but its the only place in the world were water doesnt find its own level

    • thrillseaka

      not only are you a moron but id like to see you carry 20 kg bags x 5 up hill Inna a row dick wad! hope your fit living on an island you lazy fuck!

  • http://translatenation.com/Japanese.html Japananese

    All of them are pretty crazy!

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