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  • jeff in Australia

    Yet another trick to trap us hapless, hopeless, male hormonal, males…
    Bloody tricky females, we don’t stand a chance…
    BUT… No matter how pretty you are on the outside, most of us fall in love with the inner you..
    Or not..

    • meh

      I think what Jeff in Australia is trying to say that we fall in love with your insides.

      • MichaelGS

        I agree with Jeff. I prefer the inner you. Especially your kidneys… with fava beans

      • jeff in Australia

        Hey guys… I have an idea…Why don’t you two go outside and play on the swings and slides…!
        And then when you get bored with that, you could go and play with the traffic..
        Puberty is a bitch ain’t it… always wanting to hold your cock, and giggling when you see a girl…. never mind, in a couple of years you will be through it… till then you hang in there…

        • MichaelGS

          some one’s feeling a little sensitive today aren’t we?! what’s the matter jeff? that time of the month?

          in the words of Samuel L. Jackson: “I’m trying to imagine how much trouble my life would be, if I cared about what you thought”

          • HellHathNoFury

            Now, now. I will not have my two favorite overseas boys fighting like mad dogs. Don’t make me put you on opposite ends of the earth, now, ya’hearme?

            • HellHathNoFury

              Plus, you should see me with and without. The difference is shocking.

            • MichaelGS

              he started it *he says in a really immature voice*

            • HellHathNoFury

              The old, ‘he hit me back, first!’ excuse. Riiiight.

            • jeff in Australia

              Hope you two will be very happy together…
              I dislike threesomes..
              He typed, backing away gracefully.

            • MichaelGS

              yay the spoils of war😉


  • Kelsey

    How the hell did she do that? I’m a girl, and makeup doesn’t come close to doing that for me. Then again, I don’t depend on much beyond mascara.

  • Brandon

    Less ugly but still ugly

  • Derek

    50% camera angle, 40% makeup. Total 90% better looking.

    • Rusty

      40% camera angle, 35% makeup. The rest of the improvement comes from opening her eyes up and not squinting anymore.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        All of that. Plus the wig/hair. I don’t have the patience to put make up on every morning, so you get what you see.

        • MichaelGS

          well your tiny avatar looks hot enough without the makeup😉

          • SaintxXxAsh

            Haha it being tiny helps, but thanks

  • Kitty

    UHHH.. don’t think she was ‘squinting’ the eyeliner just helped her eyes to look bigger/wider whatever -shrugs-…

  • Anonymous

    Did she create an eyelid crease?

    • Gish

      Yup, that crease wasn’t there before. It’s probably applying a bit of glue in no. 13 (a specific special brand anyhow) to make the eyes look wider and more…..feminine. *shudders*

  • gozer

    one day I will learn how to put on makeup….maybe.

  • Ayu

    Ha Ha… Nice one! Work with me too..

  • charl33z

    wow…she is really good at that. can you imagine meeting her at a club, going home, great night of sex, and then, the next morning, you roll over to….ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Nan

    I wonder what she’d charge to makeup my face! What colors is she using? I’ve seen this somewhere else – she apparently poses as a living doll/mannequin. So fun!

  • charl33z

    I’ve seen the dolls, they are amazing. I didn’t kno she did that. people who are good with makeup can achieve remarkable results.

  • Anonymous

    reminds me of my best friend, well, she’s beautiful to begin with, on top of that she’s a complete makeup master, clever, fun, morbidly dark and a sexy scorpio… in the end, we wind up cheating on our respective mates almost every time we hang out together, shameful. it’s not like i haven’t tried to avoid that outcome, but alas, there is a kind of unearthly beauty that shuts off my brain and turns me into a really bold man, it’s been like that since grade 10 with us. she really knows how to dress and get made up, and it does nothing to help that she’s got such a tough attitude and that her boyfriend is a 26yr old balding indecisive wishwashywussy. but yeah, her makeup, it always seems to tilt me over that edge of maintaining control of my passions and instead thrusting me into the bottom of a raging waterfall of desire, i’d like to be able to say otherwise, but a beautiful woman who mastered makeup has me powerless to resist. never underestimate the influence of a woman’s sexuality or the power of proper accessorization and beautification, it can make you do all kinds of things you never thought you’d end up doing, repeatedly.

  • heather

    she used colors to shade her nose and make it appear smaller thinner . this is how all those creepy Asian girls look like dolls. all fake!!!

    • Call me Danger.

      what?! people arent born looking like dolls? shiiiit.

  • riyan

    is that really her, she became totally different . .
    Oh my . .

  • bth

    it's fake! most of these photos they do the eye makeup but show you a face shot as well, and u see it gradually. here it's almost. eye shot and than a face shot of her looking down so u can't see her properly and than just straight away the final shot…. there's heaps of this on asian forums to help girls put on make up. some a definitely real, but this looks so fake!!

  • seal

    So many chinese are getting plastic surgery to look western. some see it as beauty. others see it as way to get ahead. but this will change as china becomes the dominant country in the world. then we will see few chinese changing their looks and we will see caucasians having surgery to give them asian eyes and dying their skin yellow to blend in with the superior race.

  • http://www.vedettestore.com/ Vedette

    Thats crazy, it doesnt even look close to what you started off looking like. I love how you did the eyes. its really cute. thanks for sharing.

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