• HellHathNoFury

    that camel looks as if it could use a gun…..
    The cabin and the waterfalls make me want to go hiking.
    Jelly Belly Bull!
    Those animals are just creepy.
    poor polar bears.
    Yay, my squirrels, Mr. Tibtibs and Scramdammit! They’re eating peanuts off our carpet.
    That is some awesome graffiti.

  • Anonymous

    i dont get the first one

  • KK

    I don’t get the first four or so.

  • dragontamer363

    oh lord 12 may just be the hottest guy ever. cannot…stop…looking…eyes..eating..soul…


    *thumbs up*

    • Mira

      12 or 15 ?

  • ohmai

    #9. i keep seeing my backyard…:)

  • Mira

    I know #15 .. He walked a long way to go on The Berry I see:)

  • SaintxXxAsh

    i know it’s just cheese… but #21 really made my stomach turn, not sure why… perhaps it’s because i don’t care for cheese to begin with,

  • Anonymous

    can someone explain the first one?

  • Anonymous

    The bullring bull ….awesome!

  • Marilyn

    I love #39 and #40. I love the seagulls kissing. The lions in black and white is so dramatic and moving. It would make a nice illustration for married couples sticking together no matter what. I love it.

  • MichaelGS

    #1 might be the narrator saying: “if you dont stop doing your make-up like a clown, I’m gonna beat you with the weird old thing in my hand”

    also #16 is a repost… ive seen it somewhere before

    • MichaelGS

      I meant the first 1, before numbers were invented.

      #1 is just a cool log cabin

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