• paßt scho

    Actually, I’d say some of the feet/tattoos are not that bad!

    • Ayu

      I agree. Tattoo no. 2 & no. 15 look so COOL.

  • Yog

    I guess I should be less surprised and more happy that my tattoos (award winning and published) aren’t on here since you are making fun of these people. However, feet tattoo can be very cool. Hurts like hell, maybe even more than hell but worth it to some people. Never understood the need to judge others on tattoos. They aren’t for everybody but they can be works of art.

    • Brandon

      Yes, they’re being made fun of because they have disgusting feet and hideous tattoos. Hence the title.

  • Juan

    #27 RULES! Love it!

    • hugoi

      i would like to know what the writing on her other foot says

  • Anonymous

    feet are NOt ugly!

    • P-90

      Not all feet are ugly but most are.

  • http://www.teeznation.com/5581/advice-feet-are-ugly-don%e2%80%99t-draw-attention-to-them-k-31-photos Advice: Feet are ugly. Don’t draw attention to them, K? (31 photos) - Funny Pics

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  • Anonymous

    #28 is the Chicago “L” transit map LOL. Why you would have that tattooed is beyond me.

  • HellHathOhWhatever

    Dear Gods I must have the Calvin and Hobbes tattoo *grr I don’t want to copy anyone*
    Pac-Man and Camel toe?
    Ladies, stop with the flowers and butterflies.
    You’re not original.

    • hugoi

      and stars. lol, even though i have some, they're not either

  • yherd

    I heart # 21. the rest range from meh to embarrassing.

  • top dog

    Usually people with big ass feet try to hide them with tatoos. Be proud of your hammer toes.

  • Kelsey

    #8 has UGLY toenails. Why does she draw even more attention to them by painting them red?

  • greenerblues

    I agree that some of these are…..nice. But most are just…. Oh man.

    Like the subway(?) map #28
    the dandelion??? #21
    the nautical ones #23!!!!

  • bubble_Rider86

    while i’m not a fan of feet (ew, you made me look at feet), i do have to say that a lot of the tattoos are quite nice….they’d be better not on feet, but not bad to look at…..i can’t wait to get my tattoo done (but not a footsie one)

  • donnie

    The ink is nice on some of these feet, but some should have invested in soap, water, clippers & perhaps a cleaning implement, before tattoos….why waste the money on ink for filthy feet. Eww..

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    All feet are ugly. Only people with feet fetishes think they aren’t. No offence, but seriously! I don’t get why men are so obsessed with boobs, but I’d rather them like boobs than feet. If I ever had a guy ask to suck on my toes, I would punch him and run away screaming.

    • HellHathNoFunky

      To each her own. Feet may be kindof weird, but have you seen ears and private parts?

      • MichaelGS

        That’s true. I’ll be conducting a highly scientific series of tests. We’ll start of with you showing me your…. uuhhh… ears miss Fury😉

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        I was actually tempted to say something about other ugly things some people are willing to put in their mouths, but I didn’t think it would be appropriate! lol

  • SaintxXxAsh

    i’d never be able to get a tattoo on the bottom of my foot, waaaaay too ticklish.

  • MichaelGS

    14 and 27 are pretty cool, but the welsh dragon on #5 wins hands down.

    and yes feet are the least attractive body part, unless you have a fetish

  • Mira

    Haha … why do you guys (or girl) hate your bodies ??? I have very nice feet, and I really like them. It’s not a fetish for me, but I do love my own feet and if you treat yours good (cleaning etc.) yours will look good too.
    Oh.. and tatts on feet are awesome!!!

  • Thiana

    Not all feet are ugly. Just like not all noses are ugly, not all hands are ugly, not all knees are ugly, ect.

    To just up and say that something is ugly shows a very close minded status.

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Actually,that isn’t being closed-minded. For if that’s the case, anytime you don’t like something means you’re close-minded. It’s called having an opinion, not being close-minded. And it’s my opinion that all feet are ugly. Yes, I shouldn’t have said that only people with feet fetishes like feet. But there will never be anything that everyone likes. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is close-minded.

  • missmisery

    Nothing wrong with feet tattoos if they're not stupid designs. I have some, and they don't look gross at all.

    • hugoi

      everyone says that about they're own tats. not saying your's DO look gross, i have feet tats too, jus saying, EVERYONE says that about they're own, lol.

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