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  • Brandon

    Too bad most schools only allow water from bottles without labels and insist you keep it on the floor when not drinking.😦

  • Nicnac

    ~Billy, why do you keep studying your coke bottle, around and around?~

  • http://suzyscorp.wordpress.com suzyscorp

    You know, just the mention of beverage, sparks another word and the key word here, WATER. There is a lack of bottled water, where I’m from.. In different parts of Mass, there have been towns in and around Boston (we’re not one of those towns) where sewerage may be going into the drinking water, and the mayor and/or governor, highly advised people to either buy bottled water, or to boil your water. There have been riots, robberies, etc.. It’s crazy, all over water! I noticed the other day when I was grocery shopping, and when the ban first started, almost all of the water was gone! The news said that if people got desperate enough, they’d go to other towns and cities in surrounding areas… Just glad it didn’t affect us, but feel bad for those affected… And regarding Coke, it’s my fav. soft drink!!

  • Stevens

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