• ohmai

    ew ew make it stop…>.<

  • paßt scho

    I wonder what kind of job he has. I know some heavy tattoed and pierced people and they are all working in the tattoo business or are some other kind of artists.

  • Kitty

    It’s cute how is GF is completely un-modded. as long as hes happy, i’m cool with it.. I personally wouldnt go as extreme though

  • HellHathNoFury

    There are questions i will not ask because they are rude. It’s good that he found a woman who loves him for who he is….I wonder how she introduced him to her dad.
    I’m taking it he’s on the computer so much because talking is probably something else.
    I had a monroe for awhile and took it out when my daughter said she didn’t like it.
    Looks as if he’s got a good job, good friends, and even a little person. as long as he’s good to them, he’s more man than most.

  • Brandon

    Is this all the same guy? What a retard. I like piercings and tattoos, but WTF man?! Why would give awesome things like kissing and eating properly to look like you have a urinal cake in your face?

  • dragontamer363

    he looks like a fun guy but…eugghhhhrghhh…

  • Clarice

    He’s a little on the creepy side.

  • FranklinF

    that’s a whole lot of work to get out of going down on a lady

  • lilka

    Ok – but HOW to KISS with this stuff inside??

  • Becki

    Completely and utterly NASTY. All of it.

  • Sonja

    Im all for people expressing themselfs and being individual, i myself have a few piercings, but seriously. not only would he need surgery to repair that when he regrets it, but think about it. everything time he wants to kiss his girlfriend, he would have to stop and take them out. that compleatly takes romance out of it lol. not to mention, when people stretch any piercings (ears, lips,ect) the tissue tends to die and when the jewlery is removed, it ommits a very fowl odor. who wants to hold their breath while kissing? or have to run and mouthwash afterwards.

  • Anonymous


  • madamecursorla

    why… Why… WHY????

    • Ryan

      Insecurity and needs attention. It’s OK to hate your dad.

  • MichaelGS

    I’m all for freedom to do what you want with your body, I quite like a girls with tattoos and piercings, and individuality. But at some point you’ve got to like at yourself in the mirror and say “this is getting a bit ridiculous, I need to calm the hell down”. Sure he’s missing kissing his girlfriend, but theres other basic day-to-day things he’s gonna have trouble with: eating, drinking, talking. hell smiling and keeping your mouth shut so it doesn’t get all dry and make you thirsty already looks like a challenge.

    He does get some props for the nintendo stuff, but not enough to make the rest OK

  • Aga

    isn’t he drooling? With his mouth opened all the time… gross… And no kissing for him! stupid man.

  • Anonymous

    how does he eat?

  • Shane

    How far will some people go for attention!?

  • lineswine

    Well, he's not doing anyone else any harm, even though he does look a bit strange.

  • Angela

    I think he's cute and seems like a good person with a good and respectable life. I'd totally hang out with that guy.

  • shanna

    i'd total;y hang out with him aswell looks like like a fun person….i'd like to hear him speak, it cnt be easy with that in ur lip…wierdos are asssssssome!!!:)

  • mike

    I wasn't sure what the lip thing was till I saw the picture with the dog. It's a little dog dish for when he and his pup finally get kicked out of mom and dad's house! Very smart! This guy is a stage four attention whore.

  • Robin

    Sorry if someone has already asked this and I missed it but how does he say his "v" and "w" words? Is he hard to understand and how the heck does he eat and drink? I'm baffled, is this what he wants to look like when he's an old man? Now that really wierds me out.

  • Rob

    If you're not from Africa and don't live in a tribe in Africa, then you definately should be wearing a helmet while riding an indoor stationary bike.

  • Sam

    Word class dumbass. "Look at me, look at me, I need attention!"

  • testington

    two thoughts

    1) People "express themselves" this way because they aren't interesting to talk to

    2) The government should require 40 hours a week of community service in order for anybody with face tattoos to get welfare or unemployment

    • faerietaleslie

      I don't see it saying anywhere that he's unemployed or on welfare, so how about toning down the judgment? It's not your life, so what's the point in getting bent out of shape over it?

      While I don't personally like stretched piercings FOR ME, I know plenty of fantastic people with them (yes, even stretched facial piercings) who work normal 9-5 jobs and *GASP!* are fascinating to speak to.

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