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  • MichaelGS

    #15 “I request the highest of fives”

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Am I the only one who thinks rodents have the cutest hands?

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m surprised at how cute the tarantula is. Of course, they’re all awesome, but I’m partial to raccoons.

  • DoubleOhSeven

    How many people in the history of the world can say that they got a high five from an Humpback Whale? That guy can.

    • MichaelGS

      I’ve certainly never high fived a hump back whale… I’ve woken up next my fair share though and they never thought high-fiving was appropriate in those situations. They tend to just get their crap and leave.

      Haha see what I did there?😀

      Sorry for bringing down the tone of your site again Emily

  • WellLaDiDa

    Does anyone else see the problem with #1 or is that the kittens back leg?

  • Anonymous

    Зигомёты =))

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