In a perfect world… (12 photos)



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  • MichaelGS

    the best post ever, thanks emily (I seem to be saying that alot lately. along with where the hell’s my car but that’s unrelated)

  • welshgazza

    In a perfect world people the sign would say:

    Stickers always peel off cleanly

  • himynameisjessica

    awesome post!

  • slrman

    It's cleanLY you morons. Stickers peal off cleanly and the page tears out cleanly. No wonder Americans are regarded as uneducated idiots, it's TRUE! Thanks to people like you.

  • Kory Shawn Madigan

    I Dont Live In A Perfect World So I Have My Acetone Or Gasoline Handy For Those Dreadful Stickers :/

  • Kathleen

    In a Perfect World people are not mean

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