Sunless tanners should have warning labels (22 photos)


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  • Anonymous

    I'm either pink of pasty- both of which is better than oompa loompa orange. Keep it us, hoes. The more of these orange freaks there are, the better my pasty ass looks! Hahahahaa!

  • John

    This is supposed to be a new thing? We had chemical tanning creams that turned you orange 'way back when I was a kid. Took that crap weeks to wear off, too. You'd think that in a culture of vanity where far more is spent on developing baldness cures and boner pills than on researching a cure for AIDS they'd be able to improve on what we had 45 years ago.

    And for what it's worth, I agree with a couple of the other posters. The duck-faced dingbats are definitely NOT sexy.

  • BlimKAT

    I feel bad for anyone in these pictures. Your all a bunch of fucking idiots.

    • Anonymous



    • Anonymous



  • iamfwomwome

    5 activated my ET fetish

  • irishfreckle

    Oompa, loompa, doop-a-de-do…


    most of these people are on thedirty already…..especially trout

  • Logo Designers

    are people just unaware, like seriously??

  • cyn

    I guess the lot of them took tips from Capt. Kirk. If he can have sex with a green gril, how much more fun can an orange girl or guy be? LMAO

  • cyn

    The normal guy in picture #21 (yes the guy in the dark shirt on the right, lol) has the look on his face that says two things; 1. Get me the hell away from these two freaks. 2. the prettiest girl in here wont talk to me because of these two dumb orange ass guys that keep following me around.

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  • Pedro

    I have friends with friends that do this and they are really weird in the head. It's like…


    "Eww i'm like so white and pasty but It's OK cos I managed to save up enough welfare money to go to the tanning salon :)"


    "Wow I'm soooo nice and definitely feel more accepted and it makes me look more hygenic too! I mean a cat just shat on my leg but stains are not visible! :o"

    I thought the point of tanning was to get a GOLD tint on your skin, going for brown is way OTT and not attractive at all, doesn't matter if it's real or sprayed.

  • Anonymous

    tanning/self tanner does not fix ugly!

  • itsme


    They ALL look like SHIT!!!!! EVERYONE OF THEM….

    The sad this is, some of those pic er from my country…. The ones with the guys, they are danish… Goddammit….

  • rae



  • Rowr

    Holy hell, check it out! Oompa-loompas.

  • Betta

    If you can't even blow a kiss to a camera, you surely don't belong kissing a human.

    I'd say next time you look in a mirror, try blowing a kiss, but that's just silly. Clearly, you twits don't EVER look in the mirror or else you'd never go out of the house looking like such imbeciles.

  • paisitadeoro88@Hotma

    omGoshhhhhhhhhhhh !

    theres no way in heaven that im gonna go tanning anywhere bt at the beach !

    this ppl loo freaking scary n disgusting !

    im soooo glad da i sw this article/post w/e is called cuz now ik da ill be soo scary evn to maself if i decided to do da kind of tanning ! lol

  • minime

    its like all the worst ones have 10x lighter lips than skin or the look like their covered in saran wrap.

  • Dave


  • afraidofthefuture

    Normally, I'm non-violent, but that look really makes me want to beat them with bats. If they are the way we're headed, horrendous things in 2012 can't come quick enough. Kill us!

  • Drew

    Anybody else notice the eyebrows on the chick in photo 18? Thats some scary shit too. I mean seriously, even if you take out the eyebrows and the shit tan, the facial expression is shitty in itself…..

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  • Corie

    #11 must be an early picture of Jan Crouch

  • messenger

    Im so very embarrased to see that some of them are fellow country-"men", did not know that anyone in Denmark would do something as rediculous as that! i know that we got this one bafoon who is all into that stuff, and he is famous for being both superficial and a complete morron, his name is Sidney Lee, and he is a total Douche-guido-wannabe

  • mandy

    I personally rate myself at a two :( but ive had countless men here in florida tell me im more gorgeous then alot of women they know because i choose to be see through pale. take a hint ladies pale is the new healthy sexy! be glad with what you have

  • ash

    i suddenly feel very attractive.

  • bexter

    people, people, people…. why do you do this to yourselves?! OH and WHY is it that half of them are making a duckface?

  • Laura

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  • Tamara

    Definitely too much duck face going on

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