• Drew

    Anybody else notice the eyebrows on the chick in photo 18? Thats some scary shit too. I mean seriously, even if you take out the eyebrows and the shit tan, the facial expression is shitty in itself…..

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  • Corie

    #11 must be an early picture of Jan Crouch

  • messenger

    Im so very embarrased to see that some of them are fellow country-"men", did not know that anyone in Denmark would do something as rediculous as that! i know that we got this one bafoon who is all into that stuff, and he is famous for being both superficial and a complete morron, his name is Sidney Lee, and he is a total Douche-guido-wannabe

  • mandy

    I personally rate myself at a two😦 but ive had countless men here in florida tell me im more gorgeous then alot of women they know because i choose to be see through pale. take a hint ladies pale is the new healthy sexy! be glad with what you have

  • ash

    i suddenly feel very attractive.

  • bexter

    people, people, people…. why do you do this to yourselves?! OH and WHY is it that half of them are making a duckface?

  • Laura

    mQ^-^ Posted on hey, recently I’m just stetard to make a music blog too : )you should find unique name and easy remember..I knew it is hard, because mostly names are not available..

  • Tamara

    Definitely too much duck face going on

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