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  • Jules

    #11 is not geeky—> I would get it:)

  • Mr.Deichman

    and some of these people seem to believe in evolution too. Satan is laughing so hard right now…try typ explain a Darwin tatoo when you get to the pearly gates.hahah LOL. God will fuck them up big time!

  • Hoffman

    #9 is L.S.D Molecule

  • Sophia

    does anyone know what #17 is??

  • Donnie

    #23 is pretty.Me likey.

  • fgh

    #36 :)))

  • Leigh

    I personally loves these – ,no tattoos myself but #11 is my fav!

  • Gina T

    Number 27 is a New Zealand Weta! Oooosh, so awesome to see little old Aotearoa up here on Chive! Keep Calm and Pukana😉

  • Ithalo

    This pisses me off as a NJ Republican and I do not think that I am alone. I feel coleeptlmy disconnected from my party now.We want a real conservative running in 2012 not some flip flopping closet massachusetts liberal!Since Christie basically rules the NJGOP with an iron fist, I now see the direction the plan on taking. I will be sitting this 2011 election out for sure. Clearly none of the NJGOP supported Republicans are the types of conservatives that we should have running our government.And to think, if the Governor had just worried about staying home and working on NJ issues for the next month I would have come out and voted for the GOP in the 2011 election. Now I don’t have to waste my time.

  • Whitney

    I heard bio hazard tattoos are an unspoken way of telling people your HIV positive

  • http://therealfussyfoodie.blogspot.com FussyFoodie

    I thought the bee one was kind of pretty. Does that make me a dork now?😉

  • Van Heiden

    I was curious about your definition of the word "dork"?
    I think you might instead mean "geek"?

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