Afternoon eye candy: Meet the bachelors (17 photos)

I'm in NYC this week and I was lucky enough to grab drinks with the genius behind the RealityShowChick site. She used to be a reality show casting director (including The Bachelor!) She mentioned doing an eye candy of the men Ali chose this week. Enjoy!


Click HERE for more eye candy!

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  • HellHathNoFury

    13 is obviously Wolverine.
    the rest, I hope they have good personalities.
    Gods I’m shallow.

    • Anonymous

      You’re not shallow; you’re right.

  • Victoria

    Not joking, my ovaries just shriveled. Ick. Totally agree with you on the bit about hoping they have good personalities, because egads- are they photoshopped to hell as well? Totally creeped out. Yuck.

  • paßt scho

    So….and where is the eye candy now?

  • MissChris

    What a bunch of goobs. LoL and it’s ok HHNF, people sign up for shows like this Knowing that part of the reason they get picked is cuz of their looks. :-)

  • amanda

    1, 5, 6, and 10 don’t make me scroll faster.

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