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  • HellHathNoFury

    Thank you for making me feel better about myself today.

  • parrislove

    #24 is a raver. just like me😀

    • punkuhr

      #24 is also a bad photoshop’er….

    • Brandon

      You people still exist? I thought you all died in Y2k

    • GGG

      Raver = idiot

  • bubble_rider86

    sorry #12, but you can totally “taste crazy”… i lick people all the time and believe me i can tell the difference!!

  • ukcanuck

    #1…Martin Short??

  • DERP

    #13 OMAIGAWD :O

  • You're Welcome

    Five of these are in NY, naturally.

  • 100window

    7… derelick… my balls

  • Juan

    #7 – Ugh, Hipsters need to die…

  • Wing Zero

    Number 8 is Georgia… I’m sure… or Alabama…

  • Anonymous

    #11. HAWT.

  • Kelsey

    #5 is in New Orleans! He stands like that for hours at a time to make money off pictures.

    • Caitlyn

      That guy is awesome! My friend and I have a picture posing like that with him.. he’s such a cool guy

  • MichaelGS

    #8 Autobots chest hair is cool. If i was a hairy sasquatch guess what I would be doing this very afternoon ater work😀

    #22 is looking a little serious to wear make-up like that. anybody see what i did there? I request the highest of fives

  • some dude

    #23 is PinkMan. He lives in Berkley. He rides the unicycle and plays the guitar. He also says that he is not the craziest guy at some of the events he goes to.

  • CalculatedRisk

    Anyone got any info on that "Best Man" car-chapel-thingy? I'm in the limo business, and that's freaking awesome…

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