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  • paßt scho

    Somehow it’s kind of awesome to see so many weird styles! Also, it’s kind of creepy.

    • joey

      Just to be fair, even in Japan these people are considered crazy.

  • rebekah

    1 terrifies me

  • NTFW

    STUPID FRESH … honestly, I didn’t see one pic I liked, although 20 made me smile lol

  • MissChris

    Well they look like fun people! Although, I dunno how “individual” they are, considering they ALL look kinda silly…! lol

  • Anonymous

    wicked country

  • FairlyOrdinary

    Japanese hipsters are the worst kind of hipsters.

    • Anonymous

      any hipster is the worst kind of hipster.

  • goldeare

    this is what happens when east meets west and tries to dress like it

  • Anonymous

    Japs do Hippster much better than Yanks!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Walking into their wardrobes must be like an acid trip at a themed burlesque house.

  • kirts197

    i bet the guy on the left in #23 gets pick on for dressing normal

  • southernfriedcaliboy

    I had to resist the urge of slapping my screen…. this is why I can’t go to japan… id slap everyone that looks stupid ….

  • tw25b

    this shit hurts my eyes

  • Eh

    Japan: Making the crazy seen normal since the 60's. Special note on #19: It's a fashion called lolita. More or less fluffy-above-the-knee tea-party dress look. Which… has spread internationally more than any person here can imagine.

    • Anonymous

      actually, #19 looks more like hime gyaru. very similar styles though.

      • Lulu

        She still looks ugly.

  • Anonymous

    I kinda like it because I wish I could dress up everyday in whatever I found in GaGa’s trash

  • Anonymous

    “SIGH”……we should of never of dropped those bombs on ’em…… =\

  • joker

    Look like the Atomic bombs did more than we thought

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  • lordqra_JOEMONSTER

    ozesz kurwa!

  • Pollish

    Tak w ogóle to nie jest moda, czy wy wiecie co to słowo oznacza? Tam wszyscy się tak nie noszą, to są po prostu różne subkultury. Prawie tak jakby u nas wziąć plastiki, metali, emo, dresów i powiedzieć że taka moda jest w Polsce ^^

  • northyde

    10: Snooki and Pauly incognito


    F'……N FREAKS

  • Nick

    it's nothing new to me…on the other hand Lady Gaga need to try much harder to impress me…

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