Step 1: Add makeup (27 photos)


Click HERE to see celebs with and without makeup…

  • Emily

    I think a lot of them look better in the BEFORE photos (7, 10, 11, etc) and #1 looks like a drag queen in the after.

  • Anonymous

    6, 11, 23 and 25 all look better without. :-\

  • beth

    omg #1 is terrifying makeup is a gingers best friend

  • Chris

    A lot of the after pictures also made use of different angles to hide imperfect symmetry.

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  • hax09

    Some of them are improvements from the befre pic… other than that …. polished turd

  • Jules

    It's bloody annoying how these articles pretend that the difference is all in the make-up, while the difference obviously lies in the quality of the photography.

    And all the comments about meeting someone and being scared when you see them without make-up the next day? A load of nonsense. When you meet someone in real life, surely you can tell whether they are wearing a lot of make-up or not? Unless you are shit-faced drunk while picking up some girl in a bar, in which case you deserve whatever you get the next morning.

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  • its_forge

    Meh, they're all quite pretty either way. Well, 26 transforms from a pretty young lady into a drag queen. I can see where someone would feel nicer once they've been primped a little, but these women are all lovely in the first place.

  • Mrs. Know It All

    #1 looks like she and Carrot Top were seperated at birth.

  • Niki

    It's only beause we're made to feel ugly without make up that we put it on.

  • Fraan Amaretto

    #2 She is pretty anyway.

  • lllllily

    #6 snuggy?

  • Sara

    Most of these women are much prettier before. Some look worse with makeup. I think imperfections are more obvious when you try to cover them up.

    • Kaushal

      Gorgeous photos of an amnazig couple! Rich, you & your team really did a wonderful job capturing all of the love and joy of the day! It was fantastic working with you!Nat & Luis you were, are, and always will be fabulous! xoxo!Cheers!Meg

  • Lizabeth

    Thanky Thanky for all this good infrmtoaion!

  • lizzy

    The before and after photos are too different to make a true judgement call based on make-up alone. The hair style, angle of the face, expression and lighting are also different in many of them. I think most people photograph a bit better with make-up especially those with very light coloring and features. I don't think one needs to wear make-up all the time or it becomes who you are. I used to be petrified of being seen without it because I was so self-conscious. My skin is very sensitive so I created terrible skin problems for myself when I was young.

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