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  • Gino

    13 and 14:
    hah ontarians!

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with 18?

    • roflcentral.com

      The guy is carrying one beer and an umbrella, while his wife is carrying a ton of beers and has no umbrella. Chivalry is dead, I suppose. lol

    • asf as as

      # 18 = doin it right

  • Anonymous

    20- probably the biggest fail

  • Anonymous

    #5 is correct. Proceed DOWN on the left side. Do NOT proceed on the right side (red arrow) which is traffic coming up.

    If probably makes more sense at road level than elevated like where the photo was taken.

    • dietroll

      DIE TROLL!

  • Floopa_Joopa


    Checkers Burgers! Fuck yeah!

  • TMorey

    #22 i don't get it. call me stupid, but i don't see it.

    • dollybakerton

      extra fingers

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