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    • CindyR

      you left out Gerard Pique from Spain, he’s so hot!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Omg, Benny’s from America! I’m breathing his air! *squee*
    Hottie potattie with a swimmer’s body.

  • Alex

    You should add David Villa (Spain), Michael Ballack, Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany), Andrei Archavin (Russia)…..

  • not accurate

    some of these players do not play the world cup

  • Anonymous

    I was watching the argentina vs ? today and totally wrote down the cute players names to look them up later, Gonzalo Gerardo “El Pipita” Higuaín is well fit and Martín Gastón Demichelis isn’t that bad either

  • Anonymous

    Gourcuff and beckham should be way higher nd not havin roque santa cruz is a sin!!

  • Anonymous


  • lanna

    First, thanks for compiling this list, now I know which teams to look out for for eye candy.

    But, where is Robinho (Brazil)?

  • christine

    I love how you used a picture of Thierry Henry HOLDING the ball. dirty cheat.
    fernando torres is so beautiful though, good job on including him!

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  • dee

    Wow, I didnt realize how fit and athletic these players were! I dont watch soccer so I never took a second glance. HOWEVER…..

    Some of these guys are GQ/Playgirl material- OMG! Didier Drogba has some beautiful eyes. He looks like a bad boy..mmmm! We all knew Beckham was a hottie..but wow there are so many to choose from now…lol


  • Anonymous

    Heeeeelllllloooo, #14. Damn!

  • ramsha

    you didnt add navas from spain!
    hes unbelievably hot!

  • Kim

    I love these guys but most of them are wearing shirts or bundled up ! Come on .

  • Anonymous

    It seems like the picture of the Dutch killer Joran Van Der Sloot was posted as a member of the Netherlands team. I hope it was one big mistake!

  • lalamoore

    where is alexis sanchez???? wow❤

  • sabrina

    I like…
    This was a great way to start the day. Thanks Berry.

  • Hannah

    Shirts feature WAY to heavily here.

  • Ashley

    Holy 1 and 25. We know what we're doing here in the States.

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