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  • xnun

    I didn’t know My Little Ponies were edible!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I kept thinking, ‘this is the worst, the next one can’t be any …ACK!’

  • Rebecca

    “Sainsbury’s – try something new today”

  • The Dude

    Love how #21 knows how to use Jazz Hands while staying Gangster

  • Ivette

    #24 Most awkward wedding pic ever.. >.<

  • kikiklass

    that hair shirt is awesome, in a horrible way

  • Fred Garvin

    #30 At first glance thought it was the Olsen twins.

  • Erald

    What has happened to Western soceity?! When I was a little kid, I was taught it was rude to laugh at or make fun of someone who tripped or fell. Now it is a big deal with photos, videos and actual news commentary. Why? I, for one, have no intention of unlearning the restraint and politeness I was taught.

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